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Father we thank you that you are the Lord of Gary Christian Center Church International, and that we are a dynamic, vibrant, and progressive church.

We thank you that every member of Gary Christian Center Church International is growing in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Word of God. Father, we believe that your favor is resting upon Gary Christian Center Church International, causing spiritual, financial, and numerical growth.

We believe that men & women, boys, and girls are coming to Gary Christian Center Church International from the north, the south, the east, and the west, and the far places of the earth. We have wall to wall people here every time we meet.

We thank you in advance for 5000 members that are passionate about you, and committed to your word, worship, excellence, integrity, fellowship, and individual evangelism.

Thank you Heavenly Father that I am a tither. My seed is good seed, this soil is good soil. It shall produce one-hundred fold in Jesus Name. Because I am a giver, God is obligated to put me in the company of people I need to know, to use their power, ability, and influence to help me fulfill my destiny in life.

Thank you father, that because I am a giver, I possess favor, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in all financial affairs. I also thank you, that because I give to my man and woman of God, I live a first-class lifestyle. I live in the best, I drive the best, I wear the best, I eat the best, and I go first-class in life!

Thank you father, that I am empowered to prosper and to get wealth. All of my needs are met. I come behind in no good thing. Money is mine now! I’m releasing my seed, I’m releasing my faith, I’m on my way to my next wealthy place!


In Jesus Name Amen!

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